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Some Genres of Music we carry are:
  • Dance
  • Club
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Old School
  • Top 40
  • Rock
  • Rap
  • Latin
  • Reggae
  • Reggaeton
  • Slow
  • Country
  • Christian
  • Hits you don’t even know yet!

We Subscribe to:
  • Promo Only
  • Prime Cuts
  • Vid Disc Services



We Carry 100,000 LEGAL Songs Including FCC Radio Edits, Karaoke, MTV Videos & Club Remixes.

All of the Videos & Music Lyrics are FCC Approved for TV & Radio Play. Which means we have all the Radio Edits of the Top Hits mailed to us each WEEK!

All of our Systems are Computerized to enhance your event requests we can find a song in seconds not hours!

All our Club DJs are trained to Know what to play & When to Keep the Dance Floor Packed!

We offer every client the opportunity to help plan their event with online interactive Music Request tools! We Offer a Personal tool that lets you rate the song based on if you like it or hate it.

And we offer a Guest request tool for schools or larger parties that provides an open forum for guests to make requests via a log in and tallies up how many request were made for popular songs. This tells the DJs which songs are must play hits for the event and which ones should be saved for dinner time!


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